dirtyaudiogirl: Had alone time this morning. No one around… Tell me… can you hear how wet I am?

Babysitter JOI

papikins:Sunday Funday 

dirtyaudiogirl: NSFW: Yes I used my new toy. :P

papikins: Moaning Monday 

dirtyaudiogirl: NSFW: So I know I said something last night, But I promise this is better. I had a friend over today. 

what-turns-me-0n: Here’s an audio of me coming after edging for about 2 hours

papikins: Sounds of our sex. Fuck her till she cums, then fuck her some more.

wordsandloveandloveandwords:Last Night - Another attempt at reading one of my stories … very, very NSFW. I can’t help but laugh, listening to these myself. Especially at how often I have to say ‘cock’. :D But I do like it - you must be able to tell just how much I love this particular act

dirtyred69: dirty talk, To: you, From: me