i wish you posted daily. but that's horny me talking.

i know! me too. i’ll try to post at least weekly

Can you record a straight couple having sex?

hm yeah i will. but it will take me about a week though. kinda busy right now :( im sorry



hey don't suppose you know where i can find the audio files on vocaroo, say a link? i mean the ones that aren't pornstars, btw if your wondering which one's i mean. just want to have a look because it sounds a little familiar and wouldn't mind checking if my fears are correct or not

oh hm sorry. i dont have the links :( i downloaded them and then deleted the links

hot lesbian rimming and fingering

horny four lesbians having fun

Is there a way to download the audio?

since you can download anything on the internet, why not this too? but idk this may be a little too advanced but this looks no spammy

who's voice is it if not yours?

i dont know. i found a bunch of links to these audio files from vocaroo. and the other audios are converted to audio by me from porn movies

Bus squirt

Masturbation with toothbrush